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Seattle School of Homeopathy
Education for a Healthier World!

Homeopathic Acute Care and First Aid
Certificate Course

 Save money on health care costs.
Take greater charge of your family’s or your own health.
Enhance standard first aid methods.
Reduce unnecessary pharmaceutical drug use.
Assist your patients with greater accuracy and confidence!

  • Course is designed for licensed and unlicensed students alike.
  • Certificate course consists of twelve 3-hour modules (36 classroom hours total (50 hr total with passing scores on quizzes and final exam, for certificate course)
  • Modules may be taken singly, or as complete 36-hour sequence.
  • Class dates for 2017 are the following Saturdays (9:30-5:00 daily ) :  March 4; March 18; April 8; April 22; May 6; May 20.
  • Modules 1 and 2 (introductory) on Saturday morning and afternoon, March 4,  are required of all students new to homeopathy, or those students in need of a refresher.
  • Module 12—the final 3-hour module-- consists of intensive, fun review session, with a take-home final exam for Certificate Program students.
  • Completion of entire class sequence* and satisfactory completion of quizzes and final exam lead to SSH Certificate in Acute Homeopathy (*Modules 1-2 may be waived by qualified students).
  • Course is designed in such a way as to greatly facilitate further homeopathic study and learning.
  • All classes at the Seattle School of Homeopathy qualify for CE credit for CHC certificate holders and applicants.

 About this course

Acute care is where “the rubber meets the road” in homeopathic practice. With an acute care kit, a few well-selected books, and the right training, you can reduce suffering, save money, and safely and gently curtail acute illnesses. With healthcare costs skyrocketing, insurance deductibles increasing drastically, medication toxicities becoming more frequent, and the threat of epidemics looming, there is no better time than now to master acute homeopathy. 

 For those of you who are already versed in homeopathy, you will be hard-pressed to find a more information-packed, enjoyable review course-- taught by such experienced healthcare providers and teachers!

Course  content, and dates

Module 1 (Sat. March 4, 2016 9:30-12:30): (Introduction to Homeopathy, Part I: Principles, History, and Pharmacy-required of those students who have no foundation training in homeopathy . (Lucy)

Module 2  (Sat. March 4, 1:45-5:00) Introduction to Homeopathy, Part II: The Practice of Acute Homeotherapeutics. What is “acute” (vs. “chronic”) homeopathy? “Dose-ology”:  an easy-to-grasp scheme for dosing; cases to practice applying core concepts from parts 1 and 2 (Lucy)

Module 3 : (Sat. March 18, 9:30-12:30): Emotional First aid/acute care, Part 1: Acute grief and sadness; PTSD/ fear/ anxiety; over-excitement; burnout . (Lucy)         

Module 4   (Sat. March 18, 1:45-5:00  Emotional first aid, Part 2, Psychosomatization: recognizing and treating the emotional states        (shock, betrayal, insult, mortification, disappointment, terror, anger, jealousy) that often underlie physical illnesses, such as headaches; stomach aches; urticaria/hives ; insomnia; etc. (Lucy)

Module 5  (Sat. April 8,  9:30-12:30): Trauma, Part 1; Concussion; shock; burns; bleeds; breaks. Also, pre-op and post-op protocols.  (Joleen)

Module 6 (Sat. April .8, 1:45-5:00): Trauma, Part 2--Orthopedic injuries: First Aid for strains, sprains; tendonitis; bursitis; broken bones; nerve injuries, and coccydynia.  (Joleen)

Module 7 (Sat April 22, 9:30-12:30): Acute ailments of the Abdomen: including  children's tummy aches and colic, traveler’s diarrhea; acute gastritis; gastroenteritis ("stomach flu"); digestive upsets; acute constipation, (Joleen)

Module 8 (Sat., April 22, 1:45-5:00): Acute Skin Problems.  Boils; impetigo; cellulitis; paronychia; insect, jellyfish, & sea urchin stings; dermatitis; snake & animal bites (Joleen)

Module 9 (Sat., May 6, 9:30-12:45):  Infectious diseases with Rashes and Exanthems—including shingles; chicken pox; measles; roseola; Fifth disease; scarlatina; Lyme  (Lucy)

Module 10 (Sat., May 6, 1:45-5:00):  HEENT-Coughs and colds, allergies, and acute infections of the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and throat: includes conjunctivitis, gum  infections, dental abscess, pharyngitis, otitis, styes; URI’s; allergic rhinitis. (Lucy)

Module 11 (Sat., May 20, 9:30-12:30): EPIDEMIC!!! Flu and other epidemic diseases. (Lucy)

Module 12 (Sat., May 20, 1:45-5:00): Intensive, fun review session. (Lucy and Joleen)

Note to Certificate Program Students (50 hrs): Certificate Award Requires Successful Completion of Quizzes with Passing Grade of 70%.

 “ This was a great class! It was very informative, very well structured, and it gave me some good practical tools to use in my practice. I definitely recommend it to any of my colleagues who want to deepen their understanding of the practical applications of homeopathy.
--Joshua Rubenstein, ND

Book list (all books available through or used @Amazon)

Required of all students

1. Miranda Castro, The Complete Homeopathy Handbook (approx. $17 new)

2. Dennis Chernin, MD, The Complete Homeopathic Resource (approx. $30 new)     

            OR Roger Morrison, MD, The Desktop Guide to Physical Pathology (approx. $80)

Required of new students to homeopathy:

James Tyler Kent, Repertory (small or medium sized edition)  (approx. $20) … OR

Robin Murphy, Homeopathic Clinical Repertory (approx. $100 new)…OR

A Computerized Repertory Program

Recommended but not required:

  • Lynn Amara, CCH, Acute Therapeutics for the Homeopathic Practitioner  (approx. $30 new)
  • Gothe and Drinnenberg, Homeopathic Clinical Pictures (Homeopathy cartoons- fun and memorable!)
  • Thomas Kruzel, ND, Homeopathic Emergency Guide (approx. $25 new)
  • Eileen Naumann, HMD,  Help! And Homeopathy: What to Do Before 911 Arrives (approx. $17 new)

For students planning to go further in their homeopathic studies—highly recommended:

  • Richard Pitt, Comparative Materia Medica ($60 new)

Remedy kit: A 50 remedy, 30c potency acute care kit may be purchased through the course for $125—a substantial savings.


$700 for 12 modules, Certificate Course, (36 class hrs, 50 hrs total).  $750 after Feb. 15. $600 w/o certificate (36 classroom hrs).  $650 after Feb. 15.

$100 reduction if qualified to opt out of introductory  modules 1 and 2.

$300 for modules 3-13, for returning students (who completed entire course before) ($350 after 2/15)

$75 per module

Washington Homeopathy Association  (WAHA)  members receive a 10% discount on certificate course tuition fee (

Location: All classes will be held at The Edmonds Harbor Inn  in beautiful Edmonds—within easy walking distance to waterfront, restaurants, galleries

Continuing Education Credits: All classes grant CE credit for CHC applicants and certificate holders.

 About the Instructors

Joleen Kelleher, RN, BSN, CCH (cand.) practiced as a registered nurse for over 24 yrs. She was employed as an Oncology Nurse Specialist at Children's Hospital at Stanford for 6 years,  and as the Director of Nursing at Fred Hutchinson Cancer  Center for over 13 years. A graduate of The Seattle School of Homeopathy, Joleen has been practicing homeopathy for over 13 years,  and has used homeopathy personally with her family for over thirty years. For the past four years she has been the treasurer of the Washington State Homeopathy Association (WAHA).  Joleen has a private practice in Bellingham, Washington, teaching individuals and families how the body is designed for health,  and how to use homeopathy in supporting the body to regain and maintain health. 

Lucy Vaughters, PA, CCH, MA-T, has practiced medicine in a variety of health care settings since 1985, focusing on homeopathy since 1991. She has been board certified in medicine as a Physician's Assistant for over thirty years, and has been board certified in homeopathy for twenty years. Prior to entering medicine, she was a professional teacher. In 2006, she founded the Seattle School of Homeopathy--the Pacific NW’s first and only state-licensed homeopathy career school --and served as its didactic and clinical director for the next seven years. She also served as homeopathic teaching faculty and clinical preceptor to Bastyr University naturopathic doctoral students from 2000-2004. She has practiced homeopathy and general medicine in Edmonds WA since 1996.

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