Study Released: Homeopathy and Breast Cancer



HOUSTON—A new study published in the International Journal of Oncology
revealed homeopathic remedies have a beneficial effect on breast
cancer cells (2010 Feb;36(2):395-403).Researchers conducted an in
vitro study to determine if products prescribed by a clinic in India
have any effect on breast cancer cell lines. They studied four
ultra-diluted remedies (Carcinosin, Phytolacca, Conium and Thuja)
against two human breast adenocarcinoma cell lines (MCF-7 and
MDA-MB-231) and a cell line derived from immortalized normal human
mammary epithelial cells (HMLE).
The remedies exerted preferential cytotoxic effects against the two
breast cancer cell lines, causing cell cycle delay/arrest and
apoptosis. These effects were accompanied by altered expression of the
cell cycle regulatory proteins, including downregulation of
phosphorylated Rb and upregulation of the CDK inhibitor p27, which
were likely responsible for the cell cycle delay/arrest as well as
induction of the apoptotic cascade that manifested in the activation
of caspase 7 and cleavage of PARP in the treated cells. The findings
demonstrated biological activity of these natural products when
presented at ultra-diluted doses.
Moshe Frenkel, M.D., lead researcher and associate professor at the
University of Texas and the medical director of the Integrative
Medicine Program at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, said:  “We felt
homeopathy needed to be tested in the same way we test new
chemotherapeutic drugs. We were quite impressed to find homeopathic
remedies have similar effects to chemotherapy on breast cancer cells
but without affecting normal cells, a very exciting finding. As far as
we know, this is the first study that evaluated the effect of
homeopathic remedies on breast cancer cells."