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Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

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West Coast Homeopathy Education

Homeopathic Educational Services (800-359-9051)
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Homeopathic Organizations
National Center for Homeopathy (NCH)
Find the qualified homeopaths in your state and learn how to protect your legal access to homeopathy. The first and only education clearinghouse for public about homeopathy.

Council of Homeopathic Certification (CHC)
Learn about homeopathy as a unified and legitimate health profession in the USA, finally recognized within the scope of modern health professions across the nation. 
NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths)
WCHS (The West Coast Homeopathic Society)


Hahnemann Labs
US homeopathic pharmacy offers hundreds of remedies in varying dosages to individuals as well as professional practitioners.
Englandís leading homeopathic pharmacy.
Natural Health Supply
A good place to find home kits and other supplies like bottles, droppers and vials.

Homeopathic Software
MacRepertory (now Synergy)
Whole Health Now

Homeopathy Books Online Libraries

West Coast Homeopathy Education
Canada Schools
     Luminos Homeopathic Courses Ltd
     Homeopathy Vancouver
California Schools
     Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy
     Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
          80 Nicholl Avenue Pt. Richmond CA 94801
          Phone: 510-232-2079   
          Fax: 510-412-9044

     The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California
     Los Angeles School of Homeopathy    
Naturopathic Schools teaching homeopathy within its curriculum
Bastyr University
National University of Naturopathic Medicine

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