Lucy Vaughters: in memoriam

Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

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Lucy Vaughters,
November 11, 1952 -- January 18, 2019

A great pillar of our homeopathic community, Lucy Vaughters, died on January 18, while swimming at a beach in Mexico. She loved swimming and body surfing, and apparently a strong wave overtook her. We are all reeling from this sudden and tragic loss! 


A Celebration of Her Life will be held:

Saturday, March 2, 2019

2:00 PM

Bastyr University Chapel

14500 Juanita Dr NE

Kenmore, WA

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Ocean Conservancy or Northwest Harvest.

If you would like to add your remembrance of her, please send it to us at: 


Remembrance from Carrie Stearns:


My dear friend, longtime teacher, incredible mentor, homeopathic colleague. I have had the GREAT gift of your presence in my life for 42 years and you have been teaching and mentoring me the whole time! I recognize how rare this is... how precious... and I give thanks that one such as you has touched and shaped my life. My heart is broken to learn you have been taken so suddenly from this world. I weep especially for your beloved family. Your last words to me were about how being a Grandmother was the best thing that could happen in life. May you be well grieved, and remembered and storied often. I promise to carry forth the work you have taught me to do and in so doing remember and thank you. I love you Lucy.


Remembrance from Loretta Butehorn:


A great loss for us all... I have such fond memories of teaching at Lucy's school and talking about homeopathy and life...she lived a good and gracious life.....


Remembrance from Anne Lori Johnson:


When thinking about Lucy, so many things come to mind. Her dedication to her work was truly amazing. As a student at her school, I was struck by the caliber of teachers she employed to teach us, and the multiple methods she used to help us to truly understand each remedy. She was remarkable.


As a friend and mentor, Lucy was so very encouraging. When I texted her from Guatemala with a desperate case I was stumped by, she called me back immediately and gave me the clues to where to look. A remedy was found and the child was much better within 45 minutes. Lucy didn’t just give the answer, but instead gave me direction. It became a learning experience. That is what she was like . . . everything became a learning experience.


I will miss her greatly . . . I keep finding myself tucking away interesting questions for “the next time I see Lucy,” only to remember that can’t be. But, in the end, the one thing I can do is keep her memory alive by allowing everything to become a learning experience and to share it with others.


Remembrance from Abby Petty:


I loved the range of her interests and wisdom:  she loved literature, films, nature, pets/animals, astrology, yoga, spirituality.  And while she brought all these to bear on her teaching of homeopathy, she also took her responsibility as a healer very seriously, taking into account scientific research, and keeping her knowledge of mainstream medicine current as she maintained her physician’s assistant license.


In the early days of our classes at the Seattle School of Homeopathy, in Autumn 2007, she started the first day of each 3-day weekend class with a meditation, such as Buddhist tonglen.  I think she may have received some complaints about this, and therefore stopped, but I really appreciated it during the time she included it.


I always said that the classes I had with her were the best and most enjoyable learning experiences I’d ever had, and compared favorably to Master’s level courses at Harvard and the University of Washington.  Part of the reason for this was that she was an experienced, skilled educator who recognized how important it was to tap into the diverse learning strengths and styles of us adult learners. But also, she approached homeopathy in a very interdisciplinary, broad, and profound way, encouraging us to be both disciplined and open-minded as homeopaths. 


I appreciated that she really pushed us to learn classical homeopathy from a careful study of the Organon.  She included many professional homeopaths as instructors in the course who brought a diverse range of knowledge and life experience to the class.  Michael Quinn came and demonstrated how to make a cup of tea into a homeopathic remedy.  Melanie Grimes did a proving of the Wollemia pine with us, and the list includes many other amazing homeopaths and naturopaths, representing many approaches in homeopathy.


I appreciated how often she opened up her beautiful and peaceful home to us during the course of our training.  She had monthly study sessions for us at her house, a meeting to discuss the findings of the proving, and many parties celebrating a variety of milestones and other events.  


I remember some of her words of wisdom.  On her class handouts she often shared inspiring quotes from various authors in the discipline of homeopathy and from other disciplines.  But she also had many quotable pieces of advice.  Here are two I often relate to other homeopaths:  1. She said that one could do a tremendous amount of good in the world if one really mastered 100 remedies and could use them effectively.  2. She said that if there was ever a person whom she didn’t really like, if they were to become her client she would invariably have her opinion of them changed through the process of taking their case, and thereby getting to know them and their challenges in a very profound way.


There was something beautiful and caring, thoughtful and profound about her way of doing things.  I am so grateful for having had her as a mentor.  I certainly would not have become a board certified homeopath without her careful and kind attention and enthusiastic effort.  And in great part due to having had Lucy as a mentor, I truly feel that being a homeopath is the culmination of everything I have striven to do and be in this lifetime


Remembrance from Will Rogers II:


Dear Lucy,


In the memories that linger with me now, the afterglow of your rich life still inspires admiration for your courage, persistence, and vision – the very attributes by which so many of us benefitted from your homeopathic calling, as students, colleagues, and patients.


I first learned of the Seattle School of Homeopathy from a medical intuitive who encouraged the pursuit of homeopathy as a healing force in the world, and the insistent truth of her encouragement took root. In the way that fateful connections declare themselves at the outset, I recall with extraordinary clarity my first conversation with you, by phone, in which a portal opened and the way forward seemed self-evident. I am still following the path that you blazed.


You were the pioneer who took the risks, wrote the curriculum, recruited the faculty, attracted the students, and (for years!) overcame the myriad logistical challenges of operating a school – a school of homeopathy, no less – while maintaining a successful practice and raising a family. For the dedication of your efforts and the sheer scope of your accomplishments, I am deeply respectful.


The piercing sense of loss that so many of us feel now only underscores the countless ways in which you made the world a better place.


Until we meet again – gratefully, 

Will Rogers


Remembrance from Diana Franklin:


Lucy had a tremendous impact on my journey as a natural healer.  When I enrolled in her school, Seattle School of Homeopathy, I did so to better serve the health of myself, my family and my friends but, I had no idea how Lucy would strengthen my overall confidence as a healer. She had an amazing gift as a teacher and mentor.  She always made me feel like my perceptions of a case and remedy selection were valid and went out of her way to point out my strengths in taking each case, even when she disagreed with my conclusion and remedy selection.  Thanks to Lucy, I not only have the knowledge but also the courage, to impact the lives of many others.


Remembrance from Patricia Kay 


Lucy Vaughters had a passion for homeopathy and for community.  She founded the Seattle School of Homeopathy with an intention to help the profession grow in a solid way that would give homeopathy a legitimate place in the health care community.  The number of graduates of the school, who went on to become certified almost doubled the numbers of certified homeopaths (CCH) in the Northwest.  She was fond of having potlucks at her home where homeopaths could gather and connect.  At one of these gatherings, she had a game going on in which people walked around with the name of a remedy on a card, pinned to their backs.  Someone would look at the name of the remedy and then tell the person its most obvious keynotes to see if they could name the remedy.  She liked looking for ways to teach and was, herself, an excellent teacher. 


She was a favored speaker at the Cured Case Conference presented by WAHA in conjunction with Bastyr University in the spring.  She organized several conferences featuring the work of homeopaths around the country with different areas of expertise:  (help with addiction, understanding desert remedies, and working in disaster areas). Even when it became clear she could no longer maintain the Seattle School of Homeopathy, she still organized an 8-week course on First Aid to share the gift of homeopathy to a group of interested students.  She was ever alert to opportunities to work for “La Causa” (a kind of code word she used when communicating with me about working toward the good of our profession), and her gifts to the profession were many.  She changed the face of homeopathy in the Northwest and we will miss her.  And yes, Lucy Vaughters’ spirit of love for homeopathy and community will live on in our work and commitment to “La Causa.”


Remembrance from Deborah Trotta:


I got to know Lucy when she began her school. We shared ideas at the NANHE conferences up at Headlands Institute. We shared our joy about becoming new grandmothers. She was a force of nature.


Remembrance from Alicia González, ND, DHANP, CCH:


I am at the WAHA conference right now as I write this and I have just learned about Lucy's passing.  She was a mentor to me while I was a student at Bastyr.  I saw her as a patient as I suffered from seizures.  She treated me with Helleborus and my seizures stopped.  I chose to dedicate my practice to homeopathy in large part to her help.  I will never forget her kindness.  She will be missed greatly. 


Remembrance from Aurea Herman, RNC:

Lucy was an amazing woman ... in so many ways.  
My Homeopath, my mentor, and friend.  
Thank you Lucy..... there are no replacements.  
Remembered always.

Remembrance from Jean Hoagland:


While I did not know her well just seeing her name brings the word “homeopathy” to mind. Very sad. She left a fine mark.

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