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Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

For more details on the Washington State Homeopathy Association, please email to

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WAHA is an association that welcomes practicing Homeopaths, students of Homeopathy, as well as consumers, supporters and friends of Homeopathy.

We are happy to have among us the following members in 2020:

Karen Allen, CCH
Kim Andes
Chris Andreshak
Linda Baker, MD, CCH
Barbara Bansenauer, CCH
Janiece Bates
Douglas Brown, FNP, CCH
Ashley Cory
Martha Diehl, CCH
Christina Donka, CCH
Chanderbala Duggal
Tami Dunn
Diana Franklin, CCH
Helga Fuller, CCH
Melissa Garrity
Alicia Gonzalez, ND, DHANP,  CCH
Linnea Henry
Aurea Herman
Krista Heron, ND, DHANP
Scott Jamison
Lori Johnson, CCH
Tammy Johnson, CCH
Crystal Kanarr
Carol Kautzman
Patricia Kay, CCH
Joleen Kelleher, CCH
Susan Killian
Stephen King, ND, DHANP
Barbara Kreemer, ND, DHANP
Karen Lawson, CCH
Genoveva Marin
Jennifer McLaughlin, CCH
Winni McNamara
Lynn Mikel, ND
Dianne Miller
Deborah Monlux, CCH
Michele Morgan
Gail Quinn
Maja Raciborska
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, MSW, DHANP
Janeen Richman
Ryan Robbins, ND
Will Rogers, MD
Valerie Sadovsky, RSHom(NA), CCH
Marianne Sears
Tim Shannon, ND, DHANP
Denice Smith, ND
Deb Snider
Marny Spoons, CCH
Margery Stearns
Debbie Swanson, ND
Aurelie V
ancauwenberghe (student)
Marianna Villa
Holly Zaph, ND, DHANP


Special Note to Members
We have a closed Facebook Group for WAHA for  members.  We connect and communicate with each other here.  Of course, to participate you need to have a Facebook account, which is quite easy to create.  Once you set this up, you can join the group.  Only people who are members of WAHA will be allowed to access this Facebook page.


There are lots of ways to use this form of social networking for our particular needs and benefits:

  • We will be able to easily ask each other questions about cases,

  • We can share information on remedies,

  • We can inspire each other with insights and ideas about a remedy, an aphorism, a way to see the core of the case,

  • In short, we can send along information we want to pass on about our beloved homeopathy to strengthen our practices and to promote the profession.

To be included in the WAHA Facebook Group, simply go onto Facebook and look up Tammy Marshall Johnson, who has set up the group for us. Request her as a friend. Tell her you want to be a part of the WAHA Group in the message section. Once you have asked to be her friend and she accepts your friendship, then she can add you to the group list.

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