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Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843; originator of homeopathy

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Monique Arsenault
November 14, 1971 -- May 28, 2020

“My personal life” journey has been to know and appreciate my Authentic self. 
In doing so, the compassion and gratitude that I have developed
has allowed me
to be of real value in helping others”
written after she graduated from WWU in 1995

Monique was born November 14, 1971, in Detroit, MI.   
She died May 28, 2020, in Bellingham, WA, 
at the age of 48, after a 3-year struggle with cancer.

Bellermine Preparatory School Tacoma, WA 1989
Western Washington University Bellingham WA 1995, BA
Centre for Homeopathic Education, London, England, 2005
Certified in Classical Homeopathy (CCH), 2013
Certified Counselor (CC), 2013
Yoga Teacher Certification, Bellingham, WA, 2016

Professional Memberships:
Monique was a member of the Washington State Homeopathy Association (WAHA), where she served on the board for 8 years
North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)
National Center for Homeopathy (NCH)
She worked at Helios Homeopathy in London, while she was going to school there, and is still remembered with fondness for her kindness and enthusiasm for homeopathy

She is preceded in death by her beloved mother, Vivian Arsenault and her brother, Calvin Johnson.

She is survived by her father Donald Arsenault and stepmother Kathy Keenan, and her brother Billy Johnson.  Her half-sibling was Alix Arson, andd her stepbrothers were Rob Keenan, and Ryan (Ivanna) Keenan and their daughters, Vionna and Amaya. She leaves behind many aunts, uncles and cousins, as well.

Her longtime partner was Jordan Francisco.

Monique shared her love and knowledge of homeopathy with many people.  She trained to be a yoga instructor, which was another way she developed herself to be calm and centered. She was an avid environmentalist and said that caring for the earth was as important to her as caring for people.  She was a long-time member of the Food Coop and was quite conscientious about eating organic food. Her primary mode of transportation was riding her bike, and she could be seen pedaling through Bellingham day or night.  She loved animals, and she walked her beloved Labradoodle dog, Mrs. Hudson, through the different neighborhood parks of Bellingham every day. 

“My eyes were opened to the fact that Diversity IS the one and true beautiful standard of life. Though we have differences, we are all one, and our different colors, sexes, creeds, etc. merely provide variety.     I’ve come to see that any and all of the ‘-isms’ come pre-packaged with ignorance, and in order for ignorance to become transformed into knowledge, there must first be compassion!”

This certainly was the creed by which she lived and left her mark on all of us.  She was gentle, joyful, funny, and full of life.  Her signature gift was helping people to “be themselves” by being a compassionate, calm and warm presence to all who entered her sphere. Truly, she embodied grace, strength and living in the present moment.  While she left a deep imprint of her love in our hearts, we miss her terribly.

She wanted donations made on her behalf to go to:
The Washington State Homeopathy Association
Or to any environmental organization that does good work to keep our planet healthy.

We will be putting up remembrances of Monique on our website:  please send us your stories.  And, we will honor her memory together, in person, at our 8th Annual Cured Case Conference at Bastyr University.

May 29, 2020
Dear Friends,
With a very sad heart, I bring the news that Monique Arsenault passed out of this world last night, after a 3-year bout with cancer.
She has been a light at the center of WAHA for 8 years, participating on the Board with good will, cheer, enthusiasm and kindness.
There was such grace and support for her all along this rigorous cancer journey.  I know many of you helped her in many ways.
She went into the hospital late on the night of the 27th,
and by some miracle
the hospital authorities
gave Joleen permission to be with her
so that she was not alone during her last hours.
Joleen told me that she died in peace.
Thanks to all for your prayers and love for her.
We'll let you know about plans for her memorial as that is arranged.
with a heart, broken open,

Condolences from our members:

Oh my gosh, I'm so very sad to read this. Such a huge loss to everyone who knew her. 
Sending love to you all.
Marny Spoons

I am so very sad to hear this. My thoughts are with her family and friends for comfort at this time.
Peace to all,
Kerry McCaslin

What a lovely soul she is.  Gone too soon for all of us, 
may she forever be at peace as her journey continues.
Solace and hugs to all her family and colleagues, and
deep gratitude for the love and friendship Joleen gave 
Monique in her last year or two.
A sad loss to our community.
Catherine Derzay

I was very saddened to hear this news.  I did not know her nearly as well as most of you but I remember like it was yesterday the first time I met her in Portland at a Sujit conference so many years ago.  Warmth and generosity emanated from her open heart as well as a profound wit.  How lucky I was to have chosen the seat next to her!  I was able to instantly grasp, absorb and carry with me the essence of who she was after that first meeting.  Such was the spirit of Monique.  It was years until our paths crossed again but every time I saw her it was like we were old friends and time had not passed.  I will miss her sweet, kind energy and take comfort in the knowledge that she is now on another grand adventure.
Much love,
Susie Killian

Hello Patricia and Joleen, 
Thank you for this message. 
A thought crossed my mind yesterday of Monique, in brief, like we all do, wonder about people and especially about other homeopaths during this challenging time. 
Monique. She was loved by so many. I had the privilege of knowing her for a very, very short time, working together. From her, I learned how simple it was to set an intention and then go with it; this is one of the main things I remember about her.  She lived with clarity and ambition.  And against the odds of the hospital, amazingly wonderful it was that you were there for her. 
Deborah Monlux

At a time when we are still grieving Monique’s untimely departure, I wish to honor her memory with a small donation to WAHA.  Monique’s work on behalf of WAHA and our homeopathic community was exemplary for its sustained, selfless and effective engagement for years.  We will miss her terribly.
Will Rogers

Patricia! I am so sorry to hear this! 
Monique was truly a very bright spirit. So good that Joleen was able to be next to her in the last moments.
This must be a devastating loss for you, considering how close you were. Holding you warmly in my heart. Please reach out if you want to talk or need any help.
Deep hug,
Marianna Villa

Stephen King

Thank you so much for the note.
Please also thank Joleen  for being with her.
When I saw the your note, my heart tightened.
Again thank you, Patricia.
Denice Smith

Dear Patricia-
I am so sorry to hear this - thanks for letting me know.
What a blessing that Joleen could be with her.
Christina Donka

Thank you for sending this out, Patricia!
So hard to let this soak in! Monique was such a bright light!
Barb Bansenauer

I'm so sorry to hear about Monique. Such sad news! I didn't know her very well, but she was always bringing kindness and a smile to WAHA meetings. She will be missed.
Maja Raciborska

Thanks for sharing Patricia.   She was such a bright light for all whose lives she touched.   Please let me know when the memorial will be.  Might we set up a memorial donation to Homeopaths without Borders or some other H. related cause?   Happy to help with that if you want.
Be well,  
Carol Kautzman

I am heartbroken - mostly for me, as she was such a light and sweetness. She was the embodiment of grace, true grace. I will miss her.
Krista Heron

Dear Monique,
You always had a smile on your face- I see it every time I think about you.  The thought of you not being with us anymore is unbearable.  You will always be in my heart, dear Monique.

Our hearts are filled with sorrow at the loss of one of our NASH family.
Will heartfelt condolences,
The NASH Board
Tanya, Robert, Julie, Anna, Laura, Mira, Robea, Carleen

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